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Entry #2

Thanks for the warm words!

2010-06-04 00:40:07 by BeardOfFists

Showed the guys the comments and reviews of our songs. In case anyone bothers checking here, we'd all like to say thanks, it's nice hearing good things about stuff we put together.

Also, check out my one trance song, which I misfiled as Trance... It should have been Techno...

Ah well.


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2010-06-10 22:01:33

you guys kick ass. haha i hope you guys make more music!

BeardOfFists responds:

Thanks man, after finals these next few weeks we're hoping to get back together and write some good shit. Stay tuned!


2010-06-22 19:46:33

oh ballz


2010-06-23 08:28:29

For the love of God form a band!


2010-08-28 02:44:16

It would be really awesome if you guys formed a band, and made an album, because I think alot of people would buy it, including me.

Hope it works out!!!!


2010-08-28 02:45:29

Oh btw, is it possible to get the tableture to any of your songs, like on Ultimate Guitar or something, cos I really want to be able to play some of your stuff